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Images that visually immerse your audience in your brand experience

Engage your customers with compelling and immersive imagery

I can create for your business compelling and immersive imagery to help you engage your customers and draw them to your business.  I use a mix of photography and video, from mere inches off the ground to hundreds of feet in the air.  With my unique blend of business background and artistic craft, I specialize in photographing all aspects of your value chain, increasing the connection that your customers feel to your brand by engaging them visually in the various facets of your business - including ones that they might not feasibly experience first hand.

20190719 Tutti Frutti-6202.jpg

Where it all begins

  • Farms

  • Vineyards

20190407 Brave and Maiden -

How it's presented

  • Plated food

  • Bottle shots

  • Retail displays

20190308 WWD-bts-9614.jpg

How it's prepared

  • Behind the scenes

  • Food preparation

  • Wine production

  • Operations

20180921 K Syrah-4196.jpg

How it's enjoyed


  • Events

  • Food and wine service

  • Private dinners

20190822 HCab_K_Hessel-5191.jpg

Where preparation happens

  • Wineries

  • Gourmet and commercial kitchens

20190308 WWD-people-9141.jpg

People who make the magic happen

  • Farmers

  • Winemakers

  • Chefs

  • Team members

How I can help
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