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Images that visually immerse your audience in your brand experience

Engage your customers with compelling and immersive imagery

Count on me to create compelling and immersive imagery to help engage your customers and draw them to your business.  I use a mix of photography and video, from mere inches off the ground to hundreds of feet in the air.  With my unique blend of business background and artistic craft, I specialize in photographing all aspects of your value chain, increasing the connection that your customers feel to your brand by engaging them visually in the various facets of your business - including ones that they might not feasibly experience first hand.

20190719 Tutti Frutti-6202.jpg

Where it all begins

  • Farms

  • Vineyards

20190407 Brave and Maiden -

How it's presented

  • Plated food

  • Product shots

  • Bottle shots

  • Retail displays

20190308 WWD-bts-9614.jpg

How it's prepared

  • Behind the scenes

  • Food preparation

  • Wine production

  • Operations

20180921 K Syrah-4196.jpg

How it's enjoyed

  • Events

  • Food and wine service

  • Private dinners

20190822 HCab_K_Hessel-5191.jpg

Where preparation happens

  • Wineries

  • Gourmet and commercial kitchens

  • Real estate

20190308 WWD-people-9141.jpg

People who make the magic happen

  • Farmers

  • Winemakers

  • Chefs

  • Team members

How I can help
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