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A little bit about me, so you know who you're working with.  Feel free to ask questions!


From the air

The first thing I'll mention is that I'm FAA certified (Part 107) as a remote pilot for small unmanned aircraft systems (aka drones). 

  • Why does it matter to you?  In the United States, if you want to have someone fly a drone for your business, the drone pilot must be Part 107 certified by the FAA.  This requirement holds true, regardless of whether you are paying them for the service, or treating the pilot to food, wine, and produce in exchange for the service.  Any drone flying for commercial purposes requires a Part 107 certified remote pilot.  

  • Why is this beneficial?  Being FAA certified means that I not only can legally fly a drone for commercial purposes.  It also means that I know important rules about determining where and when it's safe to fly a drone - not just what is safe for the drone, but more importantly, how to preserve the safety of people nearby.  It means I know how to make sure that my drone never interferes with manned aircraft or emergency services.  

I'm also respectful with my drone flying, as my community is important to me and I want to promote mutual respect between neighbors and drone flyers.

Variety of perspectives

I create immersive imagery that shows your world to your audience through a combination of perspectives:  from still to video; from the air as well as down low on the ground; from far away to super close up; from casually styled settings to spontaneous in-the-moment; from customer-facing to behind the scenes.  Through these various perspectives, I provide you with a unique portfolio of imagery that shows your brand in a way that captivates your audience.

Other interesting facts about me (or maybe not so interesting) that impact my work today

Having a mother who is a piano teacher, I've played piano since the age of 4.  I was classically trained, and was also the church pianist while I was a high school and college student. My involvement in music taught me the power of invoking emotion through the arts, and I apply this to my imagery today.

Having an engineer for a father, I chose to study physics and math in college (I was the only female in my small graduating class of physics majors), and worked as an engineer for several years before switching to the business side of the corporate world.  This analytical background is a reflection of my love for tackling and solving problems, and for constantly finding ways to build a better mousetrap - or in my case, to create more impactful and interesting imagery.

My love for continual learning and growing led me to get an MBA, which was a great foray into the world of management consulting.  A grinding world filled with unglamorous travel and long long work weeks, consulting exposed me to so many different industries and functions, and this broad business experience combined with my corporate world experience enables me to better support your business as I understand the critical elements needed for businesses to succeed.  But don't worry, I don't currently bill at management consulting rates for my imagery work!

So if there's a possibility for us to work together, let's talk.  


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